About Us

Earth Vital Essentials is a twin, black and women-owned skin care company that believes in restoring and preserving your skin one formula at a time. 


Growing up, we "Amanda and Samantha, owners of E.V.E." were always fascinated by skin care and how the very ingredients in our garden could be used to even, moisturize and replenish the skin. After a decade of perfecting some of our favourite formulas and being frequently asked about our skincare routines, we decided it was time to share them with the world. 


We spent countless hours and sleepless nights of research and trial and error to pack each product with the maximum amount of nutrients for your skin. And on September 14th 2021, we finally launched Earth Vital Essentials to the public.


Our objective is to provide safe, handmade skincare products from our kitchen all the way to your home. We work diligently to make all natural products your skin will cherish. We wish to enhance your skincare routine to act as a daily reminder of how beautiful you are in your own skin.